Portland Oregon to Buffalo New York - 2/18/23

I really love our airport in Portland Oregon, even during construction!  There is a lot of walking to be done though, so you definitely need to plan on walking a bit to get to some of the gates.  

They have a wonderful Pet Relief in the Delta wing for your furry loved ones.  The Buffalo Airport also has a cool pet relief area, which is right out in the open, instead of having a seperate room.  

I had flight credits from a few canceled flights so I flew first class.  I really enjoyed it!!  Extra room.  Extra attention.  Boarding first, getting cozy, and enjoying a quick cocktail before lift-off!  Loved it. 

Nice large pet relief room in PDX airport
Buffalo NY, Airport
Off I head to the other side of the US!
Yummy first-class meal.
Beautiful Rockies

Rental car reservations are a crap-shoot, at least in Buffalo, at around 5:30pm.  I reserved a luxury SUV and they wanted to put me in a smaller SUV with very little cargo space.  They didn’t have anything else yet and made me feel like that was my only choice, or I would have to wait to see if something else came in.  I dragged my luggage to the car lot, saw the vehicle, and went right back up and told them it would not work for my needs.  I was expecting to be waiting quite a while, but they suddenly had a new Ford Explorer turned in. Lucky me!  It was a little bit dirty inside, and I documented it all, but never needed any of the proof.  The Ford Explorer was a wonderful rental car and had all the bells and whistles.  I loved it!  It was a really easy to drive for the 2,900 miles we would be driving.