Titanic Belfast

I toured the Titanic museum in Belfast, Northern Ireland, which is built right next to the Titanic Slipways, where the ship was designed, built and launched from.  The museum tells the story of Titanic from conception, through construction, her maiden voyage, and ultimately her untimely demise. 

You can easily spend hours inside the museum.  You almost feel like you were there.  I have seen the movie, just like many of us have, but the feeling of sadness walking through it was heavy.

The building itself is such a work of art.  The sharp angles are meant replicate the ships’ prows (forward most part of the ship).  At 126 feet tall, it stands at the exact same height as Titanic’s hull.  


The mural depicts the men from the Sailortown and docks and showcases Belfasts's meritime heritage.