Stirling Castle, Scotland

Stirling Castle is beautiful and very well taken care of.  It is definitly worth visiting.  It is smaller than Edinburgh Castle, but also very different.  Edinburgh Castle is more rugged and aged.  Stirling is pretty, to me. 

There happened to be some kind of yearly celebration going on at the castle during our visit, so it slowly became quite busy the longer we were there.  Fortunately for us, our tour supplier liked getting us up early so we can hit the sites before it gets too busy. 

Apparently, mid-June is also birthing season for pigeons.  I saw my first set up pigeon babies in the castle.  They were hidden in an alcove through one of the smaller doorways.  No one else was seeing them except for me.  I showed a few friends, but other than that, I wanted them left alone.  

They had a pipe band playing, so I would say that was one of my favorite things about the visit there.  AND the Wall Walk around the castle wall. It was quite high up and allowed you to see over the castle walls.  Children and the elderly probably should stay away as there are a few areas that have no railing.  There are signs that warn of it though.  That was pretty exciting!  I could imagine the military forces standing guard up there.  

June 2022