Nairn and The Muthu Newton Hotel

We were only in Nairn for about 14 hours before leaving for our next destination. 

Nairn used to be an ancient fishing port and is about 17 miles east of Inverness.  It is now a seaside resort that hosts two golf courses.  It is a comfortable short walk from the Newton Hotel to the beach, which I very much enjoyed.  

And it’s not every day that you see a pheasant meandering along someones fence.  

I stayed at the Newton Hotel, which is now called Muthu Newton Hotel.  It was clean and the staff were professional and kind.  I think they have been struggling since Covid hit though, as most smaller towns that rely on tourists do. 

Charlie Chaplin used to find peace in Nairn and would take his family to stay in the Newton Hotel.  They even dedicated a restaurant inside to him.