Europa Hotel, Belfast - Northern Ireland

I loved the Europa Hotel with its up-to-date modern look and feel.  It is also known as the most “bombed” hotel in Europe during, “The Troubles.” .

I am ashamed to say that I knew very little about The Troubles before visiting, but learned so much on this trip.  I am really  glad that I chose a tour that included Northern Ireland.  

As for my hotel room, I thought the see-thru bathroom was super cool/unique.  It did have a curtain that you could close for privacy, so if you are rooming with a mate, you have that.  Their amenities were lovely and they had a shower cap!  For someone with long hair, I don’t like washing it every time I get in the shower.  It’s the little things I appreciate. 

And then there was the rubber ducky!  I LOVE getting rubber ducky’s!  Mine is currently staring at me from underneath my computer monitor.  

All of the hotels on this trip offered both bottled still, or sparkling water, and they didn’t charge you extra, like we do here in the States.  The Europa went the extra distance though.  Their water bottles are made from 88% renewable raw materials (see pics).

The rain-shower was lovely, along with the bed and pillows.  I slept very well!  

But wait, there’s more! We mustn’t leave out the fancy black-out curtains!  There was a switch by the bed so you all you had to do was roll over to flip the switch to close or open.  So fancy. 

Their elevator system was also very unique.  It was motion sensor activated and spoke to you (I may be wrong about the speaking part, but it sure felt like it did)!  You would choose your floor and then receive direction to which of the three different elevators to take.  The whole process was pretty quick, but it took a minute to figure out at first.  

The hotel is centrally located in Belfast.  I did get lost though, and decided to turn my phone on for the gps.  I am quite directionally challenged, so it doesn’t take much for me to get turned around.  Getting a little lost isn’t that bad of thing though, if you have the time.  

June 2002