Blair Castle, Scotland

Blair Castle has been the home of the Athol family for over seven centuries.  They also spell their name several ways.  Sometimes you will see two “l’s”, or just one, or even an “e” at the end of it.  I like to mix it up. 

At first glance, I loved the castle.  Big and beautiful.  I love the color and form.  Then when you step inside, it gets quite dark, and you are surrounded by super fancy ornate guns.  On every wall.  It was very ornate.  Once you travel through the first bit and start walking through the rooms, you are welcomed by Medieval, Georgian and Victorian eras.  Then the current era, with the gun-wall decorations.  I giggle when I think of it.  Not sure why.  

I did instantly love this fellow to the right with his crossed eyes.  Poor thing.  Was probably made fun of his whole life. Or he was a jokester!  At any rate, I love it!

I loved the highland game statues in the glass case.  Of course, there are no ladies, YET!!  

Then this dog chair made out of deer antlers.  How clever!  Check out the puppy faces and feet!

The Hallway of Antlers was a little creepy to me.  

I loved the gardens.  Took all videos there though and can’t post them here.  I did get the massive gates to it though. 

June 2022