Calton Hill, Edinburgh Scotland

During our tour of Edinburgh Castle, which I have seen a few times, I decided to head to Calton Hill, which is a World Heritage site, instead since I wanted to see the city views on this beautiful day.  

Now, this is where a tour guide comes in handy.  I remembered my last trip up to Calton Hill took a very long time, and it was all uphill.  I decided to ask our tour guide what the quickest way up there was, since I didn’t want to waste any time getting lost.  He said to just head up Princes Street and I would run into it.  Well guess what?  I did just that and viola!  I was there!  It did take about 20-25 minutes to get there from the castle, but there was just one little hill, compared to the past ways I have gone.  I was so relieved. The views were glorious and it wasn’t very busy. 

Edinburghs Acropolis is there which was intended to commemorate the Scottish servicement who died in the Napoleonic Wars.  It was never completed though, so only 12 columns exist. 

You’ve also got the Nelson Monument and the City Observatory.  

I was so glad that I decided to head off. 

June 2022