Flight from Portland, Oregon to Edinburgh, Scotland

Here are a couple of things that I personally experienced on my flight from Oregon to Edinburgh:

1. All of the concourses are loooonnngggg. And they keep getting longer. If you have any mobility issues, have your travel agent (me! 😁) be sure to request assistance with the airlines to meet you at the customer service check-in desk.

2. A 2.5 hour layover in Heathrow is not nearly enough time to get your new boarding pass between the long concourses and shuttlebuses between buildings. British Airways requires you go through their check-in line to get the boarding pass for the next flight. I was in that line for over 30 minutes. They originally told me that they would need to reschedule my flight. The plane was due to take off in about 45 minutes. I told them I had worn my running legs that day. She laughed, made a call, then gave me a wink. She grabbed my boarding pass and told me to meet her at the end of the very long desk, where she walked me to my next obstacle. Two more security checklines to go through. Of course, my new iPad looked especially suspicious with it’s cute light pink cover. They took their extra time swiping that down and scanning. Then I took off running. My gate was the very last one, of course. I was weaving in and out of everyone. I didn’t DARE look behind me to see what havoc I was creating. I saw the “FINAL BOARDING” sign at the gate and started praying, as I was also gasping for air. But I made it!!! I did have one bit of sadness though. I lost my Nike hat between the British Airways counter and security. My hands were full and I had to take it off, as I was running. The last, and only other time I had lost my Nike hat, was in Scotland, 9 years ago. Crazy, eh?

June 2022